How much does it cost to renovate a house?

House renovations are a stressful time to both you and your wallet. Whether you’re just doing up one room, or changing the interior design

Your dream kitchen…

Creating a space that will be both useful and beautiful gets a lot more intensive when the focus turns to the kitchen. As a


The use of statistical methods only slightly increased the effectiveness of the controls. The implementation of quality systems for only selected areas of activity

How to get an ISO certificate?

Getting an ISO certification has been considered one of the best strategic business moves in the recent years, gaining much more recognition than it


Either we find a way or we create it – It has always been the motto of our company and it pushed us to

Dick Whittington Design & Build

A basement is usually a forgotten room and nobody thinks about its development. But does it have to be this way? Can you use

Dream job in Sweden

Have you ever dreamed of seeing for yourself what’s it like to live in one of the richest (both in terms of money income and

Where does induction bending apply?

Induction bending (also referred to as hot bending, hot induction pipe bending or hot rolling) is a process in which heat is applied to

Software for ISO 13485 – a better way to implement certification

Over the years, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO, for short) has developed more than 17,000 internationally recognised standards on numerous subjects. Their role

ISO 27001 – how to implement it right?

Implementation of ISO 27001 is often seen as a difficult and lengthy process that cannot be simply done and forgotten. For that matter, there