Design house lighting – trends and ideas

Design contemporary lighting

Modern house cannot miss designer lighting. The times of the chandelier placed in the center of the ceiling had passed because the room seemed to look dark and boring. Now with the floor lamps, wall lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps or with the strips hidden in the ceiling, we can create in our home a rest and relaxation zone, a food area, emphasize art on the wall, change dark corners or even the proportions of the whole interior.

By directing the light beam to the ceiling from the floor lamp or the top, we can raise it optically in a narrow room, illuminating the longer wall to achieve an optical effect of its retraction. It is good to think about your home lighting even at the design stage so that you will not have any trouble with cables later on.

In the interior design the room lighting is very important, which has practical and decorative functions. By lighting we can extract zones, highlight its advantages, hide defects, change proportions. The important function of lighting in the living room which is often underestimated, is a building of a proper mood, especially in the sitting area. We will explain you how lighting will work in your modern home.


What are the functions of a designer lighting in the living room?

The most important parts of the living room is the eating and resting area. Each requires a different type of lighting. Above the table we put usually a hanging lamp, directing the warm light down to the table.

In the rest area we have more room for showroom lighting. You also need here a soft light where you can read, watch TV or spend time with your friends. We can use the floor lamps, table lamps and even wall lamps. Lamps should primarily fulfill their lighting function, build a proper mood and by the way decorate the whole interior.

If there is a brick wall in the living room, it’s a good idea to install some wall lamps on it, with the light coming from the top and from the bottom, emphasizing the texture of the brick. An alternative to the wall sconces is a ceiling mounted headlamps that target the wall. Special sconces mounted directly above the images illuminate only the works of art, not the entire wall, so that the attention is directed to the images. Fluorescent or LED strips give a very nice, diffused and delicate light and raise the ceiling optically.

So if we want our salon to look good in the evening, we should think about several different sources of light, turned on separately and give to it the possibility of different combinations to make the salon functional, cozy and interesting at the same time.

Illumination of the living room in modern arrangements

The designer lighting of the living room, especially its seating area, which we focus on today, is the sherry on the cake of the whole arrangement. Often the expensive sofas or tables aren’t as visible as the lamps. Designer lighting is a jewelry of the interior. It complements the decor, sometimes even build it.

A nice, modern floor lamp on the sofa fills an empty corner, a table lamp with a large shade, placed on a side table between two sofas set at right angles, illuminates the side of a large sofa and allows reading. Very comfortable are the floor lamps. We can adjust their range and rotate according to the need of which space we want to illuminate. Some of these lamps have become classics of design.

As the classics have unfortunately their price, but fortunately do not lose their value. Also available in this style are currently modern wall sconces – indispensable on the corner sofas placed in the corner of the room. Also keep it in mind that the individual lighting components at home do not have to be complete. It is much more interesting if they are different, and they are connected by the color or type of lamp shade.