Dream job in Sweden


Have you ever dreamed of seeing for yourself what’s it like to live in one of the richest (both in terms of money income and pure happiness) countries in the world? It is a high time to make that dream come true! 

Recently we came across an inspiring story of John, who was born and raised in London, UK. His parents were doctors, so – naturally – he finished medicine as well, becoming a qualified neurosurgeon. Even though he spent his entire life in Britain, he has been always dreaming of seeing other countries – in particular, great countries of Scandinavia. It was by accident that he had met a July, just before signing a new contract with one of the London’s hospital. She told him about a company named Paragona, which specialized in job transfers abroad. She was just about to go for a new contract in Sweden and it was that moment John realized he has to pursue his big dreams of great travels as well. He currently residents in Stockholm and have a great reputation as one of the best neurosurgeon in the area. Other than that, he said he finally feels like he belongs and that it was probably the best decision he has ever made (and most scary for certain!).

We wish you all good luck in your big adventures as well. If you want to know more about medical jobs in Sweden, please visit http://www.paragona.com/healthcare-jobseekers/where-would-you-like-to-work/sweden/opportunities