ISO 27001 – how to implement it right?

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Implementation of ISO 27001 is often seen as a difficult and lengthy process that cannot be simply done and forgotten. For that matter, there have been many companies in the history of ISO 27001 that have backed away from it, believing that implementing the standard would restrict their way of running business. However, with right attitude and some simple, yet important steps in mind, the implementation process can be eased into. Here are some necessary steps to make it all that much better.

Make everyone aware why ISO 27001 implementation is necessary

Many members of the senior board of your company may not realise how necessary compliance to ISO 27001 actually is. Their goal is to ensure the long-term success of the company, which means increasing profits and decreasing risks. Making them aware of all the risks and possible data breaches in advance may make them take the decision to implement ISO 27001. Once everyone is on board with the idea, the process actually going right is that much more probable.

Getting the management of the company on board is not enough. For ISO 27001 implementation to work without disruptions, all employees must support the project as well. The first step in managing security is putting in place a governance framework that will support the security practices in your company. Remember to set a clear feedback loop that will take the results of implementation across the company and set up corrective actions to ensure that all processes are being improved.

Find your weaknesses and develop a project plan

Treating the implementation as a project that needs everyone involved makes the implementation much easier. Going through all the processes thoroughly and finding all the information security problems will help you get a clear image of what needs to be improved on. Identifying the gaps between the current state of your security standards and the ISO 27001, you will be able to set up a project plan with defined milestones.

Continuous improvements

Companies often lack in consistency and once they implement ISO 27001 standards, they consider the case of information security as a closed matter. They forget that Information security is not just about antivirus software or latest firewalls. Technology and software alone are too weak to defend against the evolving nature of information security threats. The only effective way is to keep improving your security and creating a culture of security in the minds of everybody in the company – we can recommend one of the most interesting solutions for that kind of troubles – ins2outs – ISO implementation dedicated platform focused on high security standards.