Your dream kitchen…

Creating a space that will be both useful and beautiful gets a lot more intensive when the focus turns to the kitchen. As a very utility-driven room where most of the family comes to at least a couple of times a day, there’s no point in making temporary solutions. Everything must be perfect or not be there at all. But how do you create your dream kitchen without just splashing your lifetime savings on fancy worktops, marble sinks and designer cabinet handles? Here are our few tips that will definitely make your time planning your kitchen easier and the renovation process much more enjoyable.

Keep function of the kitchen in your mind

We know that beautifully design cupboards with white, marble worktops and copper elements might be what you like, but think about function first and then focus on incorporating that in the project. Give yourself enough space to prepare a bowl of cereal in the morning, but also for pizzas for your family night in. There’s no point in putting a dining table if you’re not all eating in the kitchen anyways – use the space for the preparation island instead.

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As far as the cupboards and drawers go, think about having everything in your reach when you’re preparing a meal. If you don’t like baking, a drawer designed specifically for flour and sprinkles will quickly become useless and the space could’ve been used for so much more. Don’t think that you’ll plan what goes where once you settle in – you need to know what storage space you need for everything you have in the kitchen before you even plan it!

If we were to design a kitchen now, here are some of our favourite features that always prove useful in the kitchen and are equally trendy right now. Think about lighting – task lights under the cupboards will serve you well when you most need it. When you have corners (and every kitchen does), go for the rotating or pull out storage that can get you an easy access to the part of the cupboard you would normally wouldn’t reach. Also, think about durable and hardy materials that may be more expensive, but serve their purpose better than marble.

Don’t go all out on trends

Bright and vibrant colours are in season now, but in 5,10,20 years you will be hating yourself for ordering the fridge in hot pink. Creating a dream kitchen is all about finding the balance between trendy and practical, what you like and what you will want in next years, thinking now and thinking ahead. After all, you are probably changing things up now, because the old furniture looks like it belongs in the 90s. Don’t let your kids in a couple of years think of your design the same way. If you want pops of colour, artsy pieces or fun additions, keep it in moderation. Best part about it? You’ll surely save some money in the process, as the trendy elements tend to cost much more and get old fast.

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